Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm leaving...

...on a jet plane.

Don't know when I'll be back again.

Oh, but I do know when I will be back again and I am already not wanting to say good-bye.

Seven full days await me with my sister-friend, Alicia, her hunk of a hubby Jarrod (he doesn't mind if I call him that. Neither does Alicia.), and their three beautiful kids whom I adore.

The jet plane won't fly fast enough for me.
It will be a long day.

Drive to Sioux Falls

Fly to Minneapolis

Fly to Atlanta

Fly to Asheville

I will leave my house at 7:30 am and arrive in Asheville, NC at 9:30 pm eastern time.

I put everything I need into this bag... I would get there with all my things and save $25. Yeah for one free carry-on.

This trip was a gift, a much needed break, an overdue visit in person with my dearest friend, a blessing, a reprieve, a vacation, a time of hugs and kisses from three little amigos, and a time of crafting and sewing and talking and crying and laughing and eating and cooking and coffee and shopping and love and love and love.

My heart overfloweth with anticipation.

And just a side is my 47th birthday.

Can I just say...I don't ever want to live  year 46 again. Looking for the favor of God and His Wisdom in my life for number 47.

And...(I really should stop using the word and)

I had a color and cut today which turned out fab, if I do say so myself.
Thanks, Abbey!

My bag is packed, my hair is styled, my heart is anxious...yep...

I am leaving on a jet plane.

And I will be back again.


J said...

I am flying to Chicago tomorrow. I'll waive at your plane as it goes by. Love you! Happy day.

Elise said...

I love leaving on jet planes! Such an adventure! Love you! Have fun and fun and fun!

Alicia said...

don't go back...just stay forever. they won't mind :) ok...SOOOOO excited. is it 9 yet???

Mary Konvalin said...

FRIENDS! We can never underestimate the impact they have on our lives. The treasure is finding authentic ones who will stand by us NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Loyalty is high on my list. Have an AWESOME time. Cheers to a brighter number 47 and 2012.

Marissa said...

YAY!!! So excited for you! I hope you have a wonderful time soaking all of that in and making memories with Alicia and fam! I do believe God has great things in store this year for you! Safe travels, Robin! <3

Marissa said...

P.S. Love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Haven't talked to you in forever. Have a great trip! I would love to chat sometime. Be safe and have fun!
jill from bath :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time catching up! I gave you an award over at my blog, so check it out if you have time!