Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awesomeness in Asheville with Alicia - part 1

I Had So Much Fun!

Being in Asheville with Alicia was awesome.

Hangin' with the Hutch family was hunky-dory.

And saying good-bye was oh so gloomy.


memories were made and lists were developed and crafts were crafted and laughter was plentiful and hugs and kisses were enjoyed and walks were walked and trails were hiked and food, oh yes, lots of good food was eaten and games were played and movies were watched and... couldn't have been more perfect.

I so badly wanted to blog each day's fun but realized quickly that I would rather spend my time visiting than sitting at my computer. So here's the play by play, best as I can remember.

Tuesday was a full day of travel, arriving in Asheville around 9:30 pm. Alicia picked me up at the airport and when we arrived at her house, I was greeted by three sweet little things and one of my favorite guys on earth, Jarrod. We hugged and hugged and hugged. And then we hugged again. I couldn't get enough of them.

After a tour of their home, Alicia showed me my "room." She made it so sweet and cozy. 

I even had gifts.

Sophie wanted to make sure I had everything I needed so she added to the stash.

Purses with anything I might need, and a jewelry box for my jewelry.

I slept great...thanks to flannel sheets and Ambien (don't judge's been a hard year) and woke to one sweet little girl wanting to cuddle in my bed with me. Soon, one sweet little boy joined us. Three of us snuggled in one twin bed, catching up on life. Jack and Sophie and me.

Wednesday was a busy day.

Alicia did school with the boys and I did a little school with Sophia.

We ate a quick lunch and went and watched Sophia dance.
So sweet.

We shopped a little afterwards and grabbed some DQ ice cream on the way home. I think the temp was in the 60's that day.

(they found a lady bug)

We ended our day by eating supper at Alicia's church. While the kids went to Awana, we went to Barnes and Noble.  

Thursday while Alicia did school, I tried to do the video segment of my Beth Moore Bible study. I say I tried because, little Miss Sophia wanted to play by me while I watched the video. It wasn't long and well, just look at the picture and you will get the idea...

Yes...that is Barbie on my Bible.
No comment.

Later that day, while Sophie napped, Alica taught me how to do wool roving. Funnest thing ever!

Thursday night was a little crazy. We tried to attend an event that Alicia really wanted to go to with her kids but, the GPS was in Jarrod's car and well, let's just say, Google maps led us astray. But, good things come to those who... drive in the rain for an hour and a half in the dark in an unknown area with three kids in the car...oh yeah, I mean to those who wait and so it was for us. We ended up eating frozen yogurt with lots of good toppings.

Loved Tutti Frutti's.

Needless to say, Alicia was exhausted...and a little disappointed.

Ok...I will be back soon with more
Awesomeness in Asheville with Alicia.Pretty sure you've had enough by now. Thanks for being a trooper and reading along. 

Love to you all.


Marissa said...

so fun reading about your trip! sounds like SO MANY good things packed into a great stay! i look forward to your next post!si

Alicia said...

aawwww, love your version of your visit. you are a funny one. in your next post don't forget to leave out laughing so hard over rummikub we almost peed our pants...don't forget that ;)