Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

"I am the Mother. That's why!"

Pretty sure every mother out there, with a child old enough to talk, has used that line before. And you probably looked something like this little lady....

Oh Motherhood. It brings out the best in me, in the worst kind of way. I really am only trying to keep order, reign in the straying, straighten up the wandering. My heart's intent is good. It just doesn't always come out of my mouth that way. Sometimes in all my intended goodness, I can only settle the issue by using the "I am the Mother. That's why!" explanation. Usually once that's said, especially when I find my secret soprano voice saved only for such occasions like these, nothing else needs said. And it is especially effective when I can use the "hands on my hips" gesture, like the little lady above, for added emphasis.

I think....

As moms, we often let the times we act like we wish we wouldn't, define us.

I'm sure my mom suffered with the same syndrome. But as a daughter, I do not define my mom by the time(s) she lost her cool and needed to remind me that "I'm the Mother. That's why!" moments.


Somewhere in the years of life between needing spankings and standing on my own two feet in this real world, those moments hardly exist. Instead, especially on days like today when being a mom is what the whole day is about, it seems that love prevailed. And I sure hope my kids feel the same way about me. After all.... 
"Love covers over a multitude of sins."
(1 Peter 4:8)

And moms are good at loving. Even when we do it with our hands on our hips!

I love being a mom and I love my mom. She taught me so much on how to be the mom I am. So today, I celebrate the one who gives me the privelage to call her mom and the ones who bless me each day by calling me mom.

Love to you, from me. The Mother.

Elise...who's smile is big enough for all the world to see, a heart even bigger....

Ross...a man of passion and conviction and defender of all things right...

Christiana...full, I mean full of compassion and mercy and sweet as pie... baby, my defender and protector, the gentle one.

The Mother and the Mother....I love her with all my heart.


Anonymous said...

You're one hot Momma, Robin, and a great mother!! :o)

Love you- happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Robin! You are a wonderful writer full of passion. Thanks for sharing your heart.
Love ya,
Tami Ward

j said...

Wow, how true. We do end up defining ourselves by the fleeting moments we "lose it." What is up with that?

Jeanie said...

By the way-you are looking good!