Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cup of This, A Cup of That!

The beauty of your own blog is that you can post whatever suits you at the time. Some are random. Some are whimsical and poetic (well not really poetic but you know...) Some come straight from the heart and are expressed with passion.

And some are just plain ridiculous!

Which is the case for today.

I found these cool cups at Salvation Army and wanted to share them with you...because I know you care.

Every once in a while, like every now and then, like more often than not, like never forget, you must take pause and thank the Jesus, as my daughter Elise would say, that Mother and Father, Maw and Paw reside in the same house. It is intended. And it is never to be assumed. And it is good.

Maw needs Paw. Paw needs Maw. 

Always and Forever!!!!

And now for the most ridiculous part...because I know you care...

Could someone please explain how this happened? After all, when I put the grounds in the percolator, they were all ground up! And even if one little bean snuck it's way into the little holder for the ground coffee, how did it make it's way through the process of brewing into the cup of coffee?

I am baffled.


Earon said...

LOL....a question for the soul to ponder. Ha Ha Ha Ha

Alicia said...

wow! you are feeling waaay random today...but i guess a whole bean of coffee in your cup would trigger a bit of random :) i l.o.v.e. those first mugs with mother and father! love, i tell ya!!! off to sew....

Jeanie said...


Anonymous said...

Wow- that is crazy! Maybe one of your children tossed on in?

Love the mugs- wish I had some! Is there a brand on the bottom....or a date? Love them!

Dawn said...

Cute...and I care ;)