Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Me...an artist? I don't think so.

I would consider myself semi-creative.

I know of myself that I am not a "feeler." I am the epitome of logic.

I have decided that creative people, those who just make things up as they go, without patterns or things to look at, play a tune without notes....they are feelers.

I am not a feeler. I need to repeat that. I am not a feeler.

It doesn't mean I am without feelings. Oh...I feel things. Pain, suffering, hurt, betrayal, sadness...I can feel those things but what I can't feel is the kind of feeling that flows from somewhere down in and then comes out in the expression of something creative. My mind is too logical.

Joe (my hubby) is the epitome of a feeler.

I WANT to be more of a feeler. However, I do enjoy the logic side of me too. It just seems like being a feeler might make doing some fun things, like painting, a little easier.

I can't paint. I need to repeat that. I can't paint.

BUT, I want to.

So, last Friday night, I planned a little surprise for Joe and I.

I packed up a bag full of paper, paint brushes, water, paper towel and some really fun looking water color paints. Joe and I hopped in the car and drove to Wylie Park (he still had no idea what we were doing). We found a semi-private picnic table where I unloaded all the supplies for my first ever


At first Joe thought I was kidding but he soon realized I was serious as a heart attack. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. I wasn't serious at all...I was just looking for a fun night out and the chance to be a feeler.

It doesn't just happen. Feeling, as in the way an artist feels how to be an artist, is innate. I am sure of it. I knew this after my art lesson.

My flower looked logical.
(And was so darned hard to draw. I tried about a gazillion times)

Joe's flower(s) looked artistic.

But I do have to say I was pretty proud of my attempt at being a feely kind of artist. And it was loads of fun and something we will do again. After all, I might just conquer this and let go of a little of that logical side of me.

I officially ended my art lesson by signing my work. I had Joe take a picture because I thought it was just too funny. And the logical person that I am, signed my entire name like I sign a check. When Joe signed his, it looked like art. He made some swooshing mark that resembled his initials.

He is a feeler. I am logic.

That's ok.


Alicia said...

a logic flower...love it! :) sounds like a fun date.

Jeanie said...

This made me smile. What a creative, artistic date you concocted so logically. :)