Saturday, December 11, 2010

Angelic visit

Two very special angels came to visit me, in my home, for a short time yesterday. Sophie, dressed as a princess and readied with her belongings in her backpack and her sweet, tender brother Jack anxiously entered my home around 10 am. This was Sophie's first official time to be left with me in my house and she was all about it. Jack felt right at home and wondered where the Batman were.

I quickly fetched the box of Batman and the one other toy I have in my house, a box filled with a wooden train set. Sophie didn't find either one of those things too interesting so I "borrowed" one of Joe's art brushes and a set of watercolors and put her to work at the table.I had dishes to do and Christmas decorating to work on so having the two angels busying themselves under my feet while I worked was just fine by me. It has been a long time since I have had to do that. 

We also had a little snack because anytime you visit someone's house, you are always hungry.

Then they decided they just needed to do some hanging out....maybe read a book or two.

It's not often that these two sweet things come to see me at my house, but I have been a regular visitor in their home since they were born. With all of my extended family living so far away, I feel so blessed that God gave me my friend, Alicia, who is like a sister, which makes me a pseudo auntie to her children (which also includes Noah, Sophie and Jack's big brother).

I love, love, love these little angels.


Alicia said...

awwww! so so sweet! i love these little angels too...and their psudo auntie too :)


Dawn said...

Wow, reading this reminds me of how much fun you always had with your own little ones.