Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas To All and To All A Goodnight!

Soon I will be saying goodnight to Christmas 2010. It has been my most memorable and enjoyable Christmas that I can remember (which any of you who know how short my memory is, that may be laughable). But still, today was sweet. And happy. And full of love and fun gifts. And long.

There is something to be said for having Christmas morning with your almost all adult children. No one is in a hurry. No more 7 am knocks on the door wondering if they could go downstairs yet. And although those are treasured memories, this Christmas, starting at 11 am suited me just fine. It had been a long week of flu, pneumonia, more flu and a lot of rushing to cross the holiday finish line and I was just pooped out. We didn't even have one gift wrapped when we rolled out of bed at 8 am this Christmas morning because I had been up until 2 am finishing a project for Christiana and spent a good amount of my Christmas Eve day sanitizing everything in my house about a billion times so no one else would get the most horrible, indescribably flu that Corbin and I had endured. Along with sanitizing, I had this crazy need to have my whole house in order. It's just a thing sometimes. Gotta get the house in order so I can enjoy life. 

In the end, the day came off without a hitch. And like a friendly person told me, while grabbing a few more things at Shopko on Christmas Eve, "What gets done, gets done." And she was right. Somehow, all that needed to, got done.

So I wrap this day up with a big, pretty bow anxious to meet the last week of the year. To be honest, this is my favorite time of year. I love the quiet, low key, short days of the end of December to think about the next year. I love to think. And evaluate. And get my house in order. Oh yeah, I already said that. Surprisingly, my house is clean tonight as I ready for bed which I think is a first on Christmas Day. Dishes are done, gifts put away, and Corbin's room is completely sanitized and ready for him to enter a good night's rest in. That makes me happy.

In fact, this whole day has made me happy. I am enjoying this season with my kids. They are beautiful people. And they like us right now which is a good thing. And I like them. I would have to say that one of the best Christmas gifts I received today was the blessing of my children and seeing who they have become. Each one has such a distinct personality but they are all full of life and love and kindness and thoughtfulness. Who could ask for more?

And now for the pictures....Elise had the camera most of the day. I always forget to take pictures so these are taken through her eyes. By the way, she is the queen of self portraits. You know, the kind where you hold the camera out in front of you and hope you are getting a good shot. Well somehow, she gets them all the time.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Dawn said...

Your children are beautiful people. I absolutely love the family picture! And all of you in it :)

jeanie said...

Very, very lovely. I am so glad you were able to rest in heavenly peace after the preceding week. Love you (and your kids!)