Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas

There is something so endearing about the characters of Charlie Brown. So when Joe decided to do "It's a Charlie Brown Christmas" as his sermon series for the month of December, I had great anticipation for the fun this would mean. In no time, Joe and I found a scene in the movie that would make a great stage set. This past Friday night and all day Saturday, a group of us set out to work to transform the sanctuary stage into the infamous tree lot where Charlie Brown finds the now iconic "Charlie Brown" tree.

Several willing people showed up Friday night, including my daughter Elise, with an ipod full of Christmas music in hand.

We cut trees from sheets of styrofoam insulation, then painted them very vibrant colors. We had five women and five trees giving  each of us one to "decorate." That was the really fun part. Looking at the paused scene from the Charlie Brown movie helped us with ideas but personality and individual creativity played just as much a part. As each one was finished, all the rest of us would rave in approval. I almost decided that I want to make styrofoam trees for my house. They were that cool.

Kristin painting with flair.
Tina  giving me the "way to go, Robin". The orange tree was my charge.

While we worked on our trees, Scott and Stephen worked on the clearing of the stage and the details of how to set up the lights. By the time we all went home Friday night, I was so excited. Except for one thing.

Last year, during the Christmas season, in the foyer of our church and with the theme being "It's a Christmas Tradition," we did the cutest ever, live nativity. We dressed up some of the young children and even had live goats. Because it was such a success, we were planning to do this again. But, when I got home on Friday night, I told Joe that it seems conflicting to walk into church and see a traditional nativity scene and then walk into the sanctuary to a whimsical scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas. After going back and forth on whether or not we should cancel doing the nativity scene, Joe had a great thought. "Why don't we do a Charlie Brown nativity scene."

What a great idea was my response to Joe, but I knew that meant Saturday was going to be one heck of a busy day. And once again, dedicated and servant hearted friends and children, came flying through. Between lights going up on stage, hunting for Charlie Brown costumes from thrift stores, and cutting and painting more trees and other things from styrofoam, this is how it all turned out:

Sanctuary stage

Nativity before kids

 Nativity scene with sweet little kids

It took about every ounce of energy I had by the time it was finished, but, it was definitely worth it.

Now go grab a cup of something, turn the lights down low, and enjoy the movie,
A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Alicia said...

i LOVE charlie brown christmas :) it's one of those movies you DON"T skip during the month of december. lovin the stage set...way to go, robin :)

jeanie said...

What do I love most about the CB Cmas? That every year right on national TV: the TRUTH is proclaimed. the Word of God is preached by a boy with a blue blanket. How can you top that?? The decor is FABULOUS!!!

Dave and I were laughing that we have many of the Peanuts kids as grandkids:
Gavin is Charlie Brown
Gemma is the little red-headed girl.
Averi is Lucy.
Hunter is Schroeder.
Guinivere is Sally.
Amelie is probably Violet.

We have to set that scene! :D

GREAT job!!