Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Fun - Vacation Post #6

This post will be short because I am tired and ready for bed. We had a great time tonight. So glad I was able to meet up with some other ladies, "siestas" as we call each other in blog world. It made the evening a lot more enjoyable. Here is a picture of us right before we left.

From left to right: Kari Ann from Georgia, Michelle from Virginia, Teesa from Georgia, Lynn from New Hampshire, and Me.

Michelle cut her pink boa in half so I could have one. She insisted.

Beth and her daughters greeted us all and made everyone feel like we had really done something special. Then she spoke from Psalm 119 and as always did a great job. I am anxious to hear the conclusion in the morning. Afterwards, they served all the siestas homemade Texas sheetcake and coffee. Beth stood and took a gazillion pictures until her "people" swept her away. I could only take a shot from far away since I didn't want to stand in a long line. I felt so sorry for her. She is so sweet to everyone but she looked so tired. Here is the only picture I could get of her.

After we ate Texas sheetcake, all us girls decided to go to Papasitos for dinner. We dropped Lynn off at the hotel and the remaining four of us went on to taste some Tex-Mex. The chips were to die for and the green sauce they served with the chips was out of this world. And, because we had never visited a Papasitos before, which our waitress found completely amazing, they gave us a free, on the house, queso with meat. Oh my gosh is all I could say. It was fabulous. I didn't really even want to order food after I had the queso. I just wanted to eat it. But, I did order enchiladas, which I'll have to admit, I didn't care for. But that was ok because I had eaten so many chips with green sauce and queso that I was quite content.

Well that is all for tonight. When the event ends tomorrow at noon, a long time friend will be picking me up. I will spend a couple of nights with her. As soon as I can, I will blog some more.


Jeanie said... looks so fun! Beth looks teeny-tiny. And very blond. So glad you are getting this time! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hey, good thing this trip was only a few might have had to blog for the rest of your life otherwise! I am glad you enjoyed the trip and met new friends and caught up with old ones. You and I and the kids did eat at Papsitos one other time I know fact we went as guests of the Durbins on sunday night 12 years was good!!