Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday with the Siestas - Vacation Post #7

Oh....what a glorious day, what a glorious day ay ay....(as the song so goes)...

Today just happens to also be my 45th birthday. And it has been a fun one. All five of us siestas met in the hotel lobby at 7:15 this morning and headed to finish out our SMT (Scripture Memory Team) Celebration with Beth. They served Texas burritos to anyone who wanted them but we had decided to eat at the hotel. But, I was able to grab a great cup of coffee enhanced slightly with English Toffee flavoring and whip cream. I really don't think anything would taste bad with English Toffee flavoring and whip cream in it, do you?

After coffee, we settled down and started the day with a bunch of drawings. If you had memorized and could say all 24 verses, your name was put in a bag. They drew about 15 names and gave away Beth's new book, "So Long Insecurity." Since I had memorized and could say all 24 of my verses, and it was my birthday, I figured it was a shoe-in (or is it shoo-in?) for me. But, my name was not drawn and so I consoled myself that I must not be insecure, thus God would not waste a book on me. (JK) Here is a picture of Beth and her two girls drawing the names.

Travis led us in praise to God and in a small room with a lot of women full of the Scripture, it was beautiful.

Beth taught her heart out and had some really encouraging things to say. Hopefully, I will be able to share more in detail in a separate blog. All in all, I had a great time. We laughed a lot because Beth can just be so darn funny! It was a very girly place to be. Lots of pink. Lots of tears. Lots of hugs. Lots of cameras. Lots of make up running down faces from those tears. Lots of coffee. Lots of big hair.

I did meet one person from SD. Here is that picture:

And here are just some other fun photos we took this morning:

My next post will be about my Saturday afternoon with Ann and pictures of my delicious, seafood at the bay, birthday lunch. Until then.....

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Jeanie said...

I bet that worship was awesome. Happy Birthday, sweet sister.