Friday, January 22, 2010

Collagen and Pink Feather Boas - Vacation Post #5

The walk to the Galleria Mall was short and sweet. The weather is FAB-U-LOUS! I wanted to snap a lot of photos but I felt so silly walking and taking random shots of green things, like palm trees. But I did take this one photo outside the hotel I am staying in.

I am not a huge shopper, nor do I plan to spend any extra money, so going to the mall was more for the fun of seeing people and well, having vendor workers prey on me. It only took me one time and then I knew how to avoid them. The lady who ensnared me though must have realized I was easy prey. Either that or she took one look at me and knew....SHE NEEDS COLLAGEN!

She was a sweet girl, from Israel of all places and she sucked me in by asking, "What do you put on your face?" with a very heavy accent. I answered truthfully, "A lot of makeup." In which she replied, "Why you cover it all up?" And then she snared me. Before I knew it, the right side of my face was tightening up from some sort of collagen cream she had put on there. She worked heavily on my under eye area and around my nose. BUT only on the right side. When she finished and showed me the mirror, I have to say, I was impressed. But now I had two problems - I had to tell her I had no extra money and I had to walk around the mall feeling like everyone would notice that the right side of my face was, well, plumper in a good way. Before I said my good-byes to Morena from Israel, she gave me her email address just in case I come into some extra cash that I want to use to plump my face. It was a nice gesture.

As I walked my way through the mall, I noticed several people hanging around a railing and looking down. So I decided to see what they were looking at and sure enough, it was the ice skating rink. I guess this is the equivalent of us northerners putting in waterslides in the Mall of America. What you can't have you want. Anyway, here is a photo.

After having my fill of meandering, which I don't do very well (just ask my husband), I found a place to eat. It is always so intimidating going into a new place alone. This restaurant was called The Zucchini Cafe. It was like a Farmer's Market kind of place. I was able to order, from my table, a salad that I could build with whatever I wanted. It was so good. I am pretty sure they cut up an entire head of Romaine lettuce and put it on my plate. I picked several things to add to the lettuce and then picked my dressing. I ate all I could eat and left half of it there.

A short while after eating, I was walking along and happened to glance down a hallway where I spotted two ladies wearing pink feather boas. I was so excited! You see, someone, somewhere, on the Beth Moore blog suggested that all those attending the event tonight should wear these wherever they go so we could recognize others that were here for the SMT celebration. That might be all well and good if you were with a friend but there was no way I was going to walk around, by myself, wearing a pink feather boa. But, I was sure glad when I spotted these two girls. I went down the hall and introduced myself. They are from Georgia and are staying at the same hotel as I am. After sharing some fun stories and exchanging cell numbers, I said good-bye. We made arrangements to share a taxi to the event tonight so that was a huge relief. I was kind of dreading doing that all by myself. I would have. But this will be even better.

I found this picture on google. If I was a true Texan, wearing a pink feather boa, it may look something like this:

Till next time.....


Alicia said...

Have a fun time tonight...wish I were with you :( Maybe next time...and we WILL wear pink boas!! (Even tho I am not a boa person either, it'd just be fun..and funny!)

Dawn said...

Robin, what great idea to blog your trip...keeps you in the moment, gives you moments to pull up for later, and gives us a moment of time with you. Love you!

Jeanie said...

Yikes on the pink boas! Hahahahha! Crazy Christian women. So glad you found some buddies!

He gave me running said...

I am sooo glad you glanced down that hall! You are precious and i loved hanging out and getting to know you!
Kari Ann
Perry, GA