Friday, October 24, 2008


(I am going to try something new. I am going to see if I can blog something everyday for a week. My conclusion about one reads them if you don't blog on a regular basis. So I am taking a stab at rejuvenating my blog. I'd be happy if you checked back daily. Accountability is a good motivater.)

We are on our fourth straight day of gloom. Joe said to me yesterday that if it was not sunny today, he was moving. As far as I know, he went to the office. I didn't see any suitcases.
I, on the other hand, can handle a couple of days with no sunshine but much more than that and I would rather just go to bed.

Corbin had his tonsils out on Wednesday and it literally rained all day. All day! We drove to Watertown for Corbin's surgery in the rain, we drove home from Watertown in the rain, I went for groceries in the rain, I went to bed listening to rain. I felt ok about it on that day though. Corbin didn't feel well, I was tired, there were no expectations with work, I wanted know, a good day to be gloomy.

But, I must get on with life here! For the sake of deadlines and lots to do, let the sun shine! I can hardly keep my eyes open today and it is only 10 am. I had 8 hours of sleep last night, for Pete's sake. I am not sure how to shake this. All the stuff I need to do requires me to sit and read, read, and read some more, then take notes and think. Why is it that lack of light makes this so difficult?

And the real stinger of it all is that I think going to my kitchen and finding something to eat will make it all better. Wake me right up! But, it only causes that all over, lagging feeling to be intesified after about 20 minutes. Then not only do I feel tired, I feel guilty for not having better self control.

Oh for the love....I think I better go nap now!


Jeanie said...

I WILL be back.

Jeanie said...

Yes, I feel your pain. I am ok with first-day rain and gloom, but 3 sends me over the edge. Luckily we don't get as much here as other places I have lived.

Wish I could send you the sunshine I am enjoying today, but on the other hand...perhaps I'd better store up for the future, just in case!

I am personally exasperated today. Which I gladly blogged about because sometimes there is just no one around to hear me scream! Ha!