Saturday, June 21, 2008


During one of my many multi-tasking moments, running the garbage out to the cans while my morning tea brewed, I noticed it. It caused me to pause and for a brief moment enjoy and relax. And it almost didn't happen. I had decided it was just too late in the season. But the sadness I saw everytime I looked made me do it anyway. I PLANTED MY SALSA GARDEN!

I literally bought the last of the only tomato plants at WalMart. Which I think then, makes me the last person in all of Aberdeen to plant my garden. I was even alone in the greenhouse trying to find something, in the little of nothing, they had left. But it was worth it because somehow, looking at my garden brings me happiness. I spent one early morning turning over the rock hard dirt in my little box, mixed in some more peat moss, dug my little holes, filled them with epsom salt and a broken open tea bag ( a tip I learned from a very old, little lady who owns a green house), then put the plants in the ground with tons of love. Now I can't wait to see what happens. I also planted one small container of herbs or Herbies as I like to call them - chives, basil, and dill - and placed them on my front porch.

For all the multi-tasking I do in one day, I am glad to have something that stops the momentum.


jeanie said...

Happiness! Delight! Even on the days I have no time, just to go out for 2 minutes and mill around and touch the leaves and pull a weed or two - wondrous!

I am glad you did it!!!!!

dave said...

Salsa on!
(I have to be anonymous because I have not google/blogger account?)

dave again said...

okay I guess I can be me after all...

j said...

I showed Elise and she was very pleased with the pictures, too

DaveRh said...

More posts!
More posts!
We want more posts!!!