Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions Sung

To sing is one thing. Having the ability to write lyrics is another.

I have neither.

As much as I love weaving words together to make some sense of my thoughts, there are just some people whose gifts with words are above and beyond anything I could muster.

So I am borrowing declare my resolutions for 2012. It is after all New Year's Day...or a better way put for me, the first day of a new year.


Ya...I know...not very exciting. But it's all I have in me at the moment.

And hope. Never without hope.

Which is why I've chosen to personalize these songs and make them my New Year's resolutions.

They speak my heart. They sing my hope.
They are my prayer.

"All to Us" by Chris Tomlin

Precious cornerstone, sure foundation

You are faithful to the end.

I am waiting, on You, Jesus

I believe You're all to me.

Let the glory of Your name be the passion of the Church.

Let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns.

Let the saving love of Christ be the measure of my life.

I believe You're all to me.

Only Son of God sent from Heaven...
hope and mercy at the cross.

You are everything, You're the Promise,

Jesus, You are all to me.

You're all to me.
You're all to me.
You're all to me.

Yes, You are.

When this passing world is over,

I will see You face to face.

And forever I will worship...

Jesus, You are all to me.

"Beautiful Things" by Gungor

All this pain.

I wonder if I’ll ever find my way.

I wonder if my life could really change...

at all.

All this earth...

Could all that is lost ever be found?

Could a garden come up from this ground,

at all?

You make beautiful things.

You make beautiful things out of the dust.

You make beautiful things.

You make beautiful things... out of us.

All around

hope is springing up from this old ground.

Out of chaos life is being found

in You.

You make beautiful things.

You make beautiful things out of the dust.

You make beautiful things.

You make beautiful things out of us.

You make me new, You are making me new.

You are making me new.

(Photos taken in Montana)

My planner is not ready. I have not made one list of goals. I have not cleaned out or organized one thing except my refrigerator this week. Considering this week is usually my favorite planning and organizing time, that confession may just be cause for alarm.

But life isn't normal. 

It just is.

And so I just am. Just what I can be today...

...exchanging lists of goals for songs of hope where my heart can truly find rest and I can just be.

Thanks for stopping by...reading my thoughts...leaving sweet comments. I love you and wish you a year of letting yourself just be too.


Anonymous said...

Thanking God for you and praying your New Year is blessed in everyway.
Jeremiah 29:11

Thank you for sharing your Jesse Tree with our family this year!

God Bless you Robin!

Alicia said...

it's a different type of new year, that is for sure :) all in stride, my friend. xo

Miller Family said...

I am such a list maker...organizer...doer type as well and it is hard to just BE. I am also making this a goal for the coming just BE STILL :) Even if only once a day for the amount of time it takes to drink my tea! Take care Robin...thanks for sharing these words, they were a blessing! Alisa

Marissa said...

I right along with you on the organization thing. I'll get there and I bet you will, too! Procrastination isn't always a bad thing. I like to just "be" sometimes, too. :) I love reading your words and those songs are beautiful. Happy start to a new year, Robin!

{ j e a n i e } said...

Ps. 42.8
By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.

I pray you will actually hear the songs God is singing over you. I pray that.