Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hope Endures

Soon this trial of life called winter will give way to spring. It is the way, you know. Spring always follows winter. Life always follows death. It may be cold and desolate and lifeless on the outside but beneath the ground life stirs and knows, "soon I will emerge."

It is our hope. In our hearts as well. Life may be buried beneath the darkness of pain but given the right amount of light, it will begin to stir and say, "soon I will emerge." It may barely be visible to the naked eye but it's there. And in time, the seed will burst forth and give way to tiny green growth that will give way to tall slender stems that eventually gives way to fruit. It is the fruit of life that we long for. No one longs for death. But it must be to have life. The hope. It is the hope of fruit bearing life that saves us through the darkness of death. 

It won't be long. Nothing outside in this unbelievably long, cold, snow packed winter gives sign of the life that is longing to burst forth. But I know it is there. I've seen it. And I long for it again.

 Just the beginning...but soon to come...

the fruit of life.

I am longing....

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Anonymous said...

Your name meaning is so evident in your life.
"Robin" famed, bright, shining, famous brilliance.
"Elise" consecrated to God, oath of God, God is satisfaction.