Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Betty Crocker

Today I am going to introduce you to one fine lady. She has been around for a looooooong time but she never ages. She is the epitomy of a home maker. Her skills are refined and she does everything right.

Her name is Betty Crocker.

She wrote me a letter with the greeting

"Dear Friend" and signed her salutation,

"Betty Crocker." Then she punched five holes in the page and put it in a cookbook - The Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook" copyright 1950.

Here is one part of the sweet letter she addressed to her friend (I think she meant me personally):

"We dedicate [this book} to homemakers everywhere - to all of you who like to minister to your dear ones by serving them good food. That's the age-old way to express love and concern for their welfare."

Amen Sista! Here is how I ministered to my family last night.

Parmesan Chicken

Fried Red Potatoes

Garlic Green Beans

And now I would like to share with you Betty's advice on "How to get PERFECT Results form Recipes in this Book..."

1. Read Recipe Carefully!

2. Look at the Pictures! (After all, it is a picture cookbook)

3. Turn on the Heat!(I'm pretty sure someone texted this exact sentence to me yesteday)

4. Get Your Ingredients Together!

5. Collect Untensils, Too!

6. Measure as Exactly as a Druggist follows a doctor's prescription!

7. Mix Carefully as Directed. (This one was not followed by an !)

8. Bake or Cook or otherwise prepare correctly as the recipe indicates.

I tried to scan and upload this page from the cookbook but Blogger is not letting me upload this for whatever reason. Bummer too because the pictures just make this all the more awesome. Seriously. I could write for days on the interesting information and tips Miss Betty gives in her cookbook. It is laugh out loud stuff. And so I will leave you with an exact quote from this vintage, 1950, wonderfully treasured cookbook that did exactly that to me....

Reduce Recipes

To make half a recipe:
Use exactly one-half the amount of each ingredient.

Thank God she cleared that up for me!

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Jeanie said...

I JUST bought a copy of my mom's 1948 version of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and it is similiar in teaching to cook and the photos are horrid, not appealing at all. Yet as a child I learned many a thing about baking and cooking from it. Mom threw hers out (how dare her!!) but I found this onee in St Joe MO for $22.50