Friday, July 2, 2010


Twilight - the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, either from daybreak to sunrise or, more commonly, from sunset to nightfall.

Last night I was in a twilight kind of mood. I took pictures of my flowers and garden at twilight and I began reading the outrageously popular book called "Twilight". I haven't gotten too far in the book but I'm thinking my flowers at twilight and the book "Twilight" will have nothing in common.
I can be a little stubborn when something becomes "the thing" to read or do or say. I think it may be called rebellion but I am not sure. When the book "Purpose Driven Life" suddenly became the thing to read, I just chose to do the opposite. After a while, though, I did succomb to the pressure and much to my surprise I loved the book. 
That is kind of how I am feeling about "Twilight". My girls love it, my nieces love it, everyone talks about it and so I decided to be rebellious for a while and not read it. But low and behold, last night in the midst of my twilight moment, I plopped in my bed and picked up the book. I have to say, I think I may enjoy this one too.  
But not a single book could bring me as much pleasure as my summer and gardens. I am becoming more and more addicted every year and wonder how I ever lived without them. Here is just a peak at my "Twilight Garden".
From front to back.....
My front porch.....

Side view of my front porch

MY PERENNIALS...OMG they are so fun and growing like crazy!

On the side of my house...

A gift from Joe...sits in the side garden....

Full view...lovely

Vining black eyed susans, part of the side garden, that have gone wild!

My wonderful new back porch...painted

My garden by the door....I love my herb garden on the little table. I sewed the skirt to block the gas meter.

Snap peas...can't wait except they make my mouth itch terribly.

My grandma flowers...always remember my grandma's violas. These are so darling.

Box garden #1 - tomatoes, onions, peppers of all kinds.

Box garden #2 - tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, cucumber and watermelon.

I am waiting for the fruit of my labor. If you are anywhere near, I will share.


Sharon said...

I love your garden! Your taste in decorating! I too held off reading the same book and ended up reading it for much the same reasons you are. I both liked it and hated it for different reasons. We'll have to talk when you get done.

J E A N I E said...

Oh, Robin-the gardens look divine! Everything is gorgeous and life-giving!

You crack me up on the books. I did the same w/Purpose and even on the Beth-Moore-bandwagon. haha.

Recently, I also had a twilight mood (I wrote about it here: and I shall see the NEW movie tomorrow night (I waited until it went to $5).

Love ya! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Robin, Love your little gardens! You have such a green thumb. I would love to plant a salsa garden someday. I got brave this year and planted a tomato plant in a pot and it is doing really well. So far i just stick to flowers but taking baby steps to a vegi garden! Have a wonderful summer and enjoy all your yummy vegis!! Alisa