Friday, June 18, 2010

So long locks...I don't need you anymore!

There is something about long hair. Some people, maybe including myself, I haven't decided yet, believe that long hair holds some sort of power. You feel more sensual. You can flip it over your shoulder for drama. You can up do it to appear bold. And somehow you feel as if you are special. After all, my hair is longer than your's is the chant going on secretly in your head.

These lock lovers are attached to their hair like creeping vines attach to whatever is near. But let's face it, some of these people need to just do like my friend did one day to his vines that seemed to be growing up his house and into places they should not be. He chopped them off. Any you know what? They grow back. That is the thing. Hair grows back too and I just wonder, why do we feel so attached?

I have never been one to keep the same hair style for long. I have proof:

This picture was taken in May.

This is my current business photo. It is two years old.

This was my hair in January 2010

This was my business photo (and card) from June of 2006).

This was my business photo from 2004. (I think I like this hair cut. Mmmm...)

But I do have to say, I tend to stay on the safe side of longer for the most part. Again, I think it is a hang up on the long hair syndrome.

Since I hate being one who seems to be too much like others, I have made a declaration against loving locks. I want to be free. Free to do whatever seems right. Never again will I hold tightly to the vanity of length.

Oh Rapunzel! Rapunzel!...I shall not be. So long locks....I don't need you anymore!

With freedom abreast, I ran straight to Hair by Stewarts and got myself a new do. The funny thing is, my daughter Christiana had come to show me her hair and on a whim we went back to her hairdresser so she could do the same to me. Only, I said the dreaded words...."I really love her hair cut but could you cut mine the same way...... just a little bit longer?"


What a sweet daughter I have. Not ashamed to let me share the same haircut. Here we are with our new, shortened version of long.


Alicia said...

I didn't realize you had so many different do's...and jarrod will be happy with the reference to the vines. he's always so happy to prove me wrong :)

jeanie said...

No matter how different the pictures I take in, the cut will always end up the same in the just a few short weeks. Must be me. Plus? Not everyone's hair actually grows back. Mine doesn't. I got a really short a-ling just before Heaven Fest last year and then started growing it out in October. The cut I got last week? Is shorter than the one in does THAT happen when you are trying to grow it out??!?

YOU look fabulous!

Dawn said...

Your face is cute, so any hair cut you get is great! Love you :)