Monday, March 22, 2010

Everything In It's Time

If I knew that underneath all the mess, life could be blooming, I could hang on. If waiting meant joy, I could wait. But sometimes, the mess is all you see and waiting looms heavy.

Those thoughts came to me as I worked in my perrenial garden today. After piles and piles of snow had melted, what was left of last fall's gorgeous blooms stood stark and cold and in need of someone to care for it. I began to snip some of the dead growth and carefully rake away the blanket of leaves surrounding the roots of each plant. I thought how fitting that nature would care for nature. And as each plant was exposed to the fresh air of spring, I waited with anticipation to see if life had begun again. Even after a harsh winter and very little sun, some of these little plants were bursting forth the tiniest stems of green. What only weeks ago had seemed barren was now growing again.

There are times when you just know, you must ponder. This was one of them.

Life can seem all covered up in mess. It looks a lot to the natural eye like my perrenial garden looked today. What could possibly turn out for the good when everything seems in dissaray? But, if we can take our lesson from the garden, our hope could be renewed. Life does exist beneath the mess. Somewhere, sometime, in just the right season, something new will emerge.

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jeanie said...

Wow, this is so true. I have neglected to even clean around the pond and it has seemed desolate longer than usual after such a crazy rough winter (naturally and of the soul, too). Today while playing with the utt, I saw that eventually, even if you don't scrape away the leaves that have gathered, even if you have no faith that anything will be there, life emerges and sings to be seen and in spite of us-new life triumphs. Oh thank the good Lord this is true!