Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet 16 and 6 Feet Tall

I knew I was having a boy. And I knew he would be born on Friday, February 4th because if I had waited one more day, he would have popped out. So the in hospital, midwife, made sure to schedule his delivery before that happened. I didn't know the pain would nearly kill me before he made his appearance. His labor would be the shortest of the four but by far the most intense. And then of course, the fact that he weighed 9lbs. 8oz didn't make things any easier.

But everything is worth it the minute you lay eyes on them, isn't it? Words just cannot describe that incredible gift of birthing life and now, 16 years later, I feel blessed to call him son.

Corbin Michael Moslander - a gift from God.

Everything about Corbin is good. He is sweet and kind. He is gentle. And he is loving. And most important, he made it to 6 ft. tall before he turned 16. Here is the proof:

The very bottom line is the line for Christiana. All the lines above that are lines we marked in just the last year as we watched Corbin grow. He may be the last of the four born but he tops us all in height.Way to go, Corbin!

Here are a few pics from today.

And the ever famous birthday cake. If I added up all the birthdays, of my children only, that I have made this cake, it would be approximately 73 times. And of course, I have eaten this cake since I was one. That's a lot of fluffy white frosting and chocolate Hershey bar.

I love you, Corbin. You are my last but you will never be the least.


Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday, Corbinators! Oh, my goodness, what a cutie-patootie you have always been...haven't seen you nearly enough in your life, but when I have you have ALWAYS made me smiel. So proud of you!
Aunt Jeanie

Elise said...

CORBS!!! WOO HOO for 6ft. tall! Maybe I'm still growing... i might just beat you ;) haha I miss you and love you... and you have to ready MY blog for you... Happy birthday, brother!

Anonymous said...

Corbin...6 Ft. tall?! Wow! We remember when you were just a little guy and never wanted to wear socks...even to church :) Congrats on turning 16 AND 6 feet tall! Have a blessed year!

Jon, Alisa, Caleb & Josh

Anonymous said...

Congrats to 16 years...I wonder what the next 16 will bring?

Love you Corbs- dad