Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happily in Houston - Vacation Post #3

I am easily amused today. I think the freedom from normal life, while sitting on a plane, propels my mind into overload in the "thinkin" area. I had so many blogging thoughts today. So here are just a few:

  • When watching the flight attendant give the infamous instructions on how to do everything from operating a seat belt to using the oxygen masks, I loved the one last comment, after reminding all aboard that this flight was a non-smoking flight, that all restrooms have smoke detectors and that any tampering or destroying of these smoke detectors is prohibited. Really? Who would of thunk? Isn't it just normal, acceptable behavior to tamper or destroy smoke detectors?
  • When I boarded the plane in Fargo, as I ducked all the way to my seat, I found seat 8C which just happened to be next to a man dressed in a pilot's uniform. As soon as I sat down, I sensed that he wasn't looking for open dialogue. Taking his cues, I tucked my arms in close and sat as still as I could so I wouldn't touch his leg or something. I was kind of nervous. He looked nice. But he had a badge on. Within minutes of our brief introduction and sharing of comfort zones, he had his eyes closed. They remained that way until we touched down in Minneapolis. This made me wonder...when you are in these situations, do you want to talk or not talk? If you don't want to talk, just do as the pilot did, close your eyes and turn your body toward the window. The point is loud and clear. But, he did  fall asleep and didn't even realize his leg was touching mine. I was still tucked tight.
  • Technology is amazing. The last time I landed in the Minneapolis airport, I had to walk which seemed like miles, to get to the normal area of the airport. Today, I rode a tram. The computerized lady speaking to all of us that the doors were about to close, had a very pretty voice.
  • I am inept when it comes to walking on something that is moving under my feet. I kept trying to hold onto the handrail but it was moving also. When the end was coming, I panicked. The picture of me doing some sort of ballet leap off the walkway would be a whole blog in itself. Thank goodness there were no cameras.

 I had one other great experience while riding the shuttle to my hotel. I met a lovely woman who I was instantly drawn to when I saw her. She not only is a Christian, she is a motivational speaker and journalist for CNN. She came to Houston this weekend to attend a public speaking seminar. During our conversation on the shuttle, she inspired me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. She confirmed some things I have needed confirmed. And her inspiration was very inspirational. It was truly a God moment and one of many, I hope, this weekend. Her website is

It has been a great day so far. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the time.


Larry said...

Nice blog Robin. I checked out the website too! Hope you have a great time in Houston

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon-
Hope your days are filled with enjoyable relaxation! Soak in the alone time and listen for the wisdom and encouragement that often get obscurred by the routine of everyday life! We love you, miss you and look for your return.


Jeanie said... to a great start!