Sunday, October 26, 2008


Whew! I almost forgot to blog today. I remembered while I was cleaning my kitchen. While putting some food in my pantry, I saw these two boxes of cereal that I just purchased (at Target I might add):

Some memories for me just flash back in an instant and that is why I bought these. They made me have happy thoughts. But I don't know why because I can't remember anything about them except the box cover. But I do love the box cover and I do think my kids will like this cereal. And is now "whole grain guaranteed" so in spite of the 50 grams of sugar and five pounds of food coloring, they should thank me for providing such a healthy breakfast.
Also, I am wondering if we could somehow connect these box covers to the current Presidential candidates.....enough said.


Jeanie said...

Haha! Good one-they DO look like the presidential candidates!

I am reading everyday-I was thinking I wasn't gonna get a Sunday post!

Jeanie said...

Hey-when are you gonna link to me??? :)