Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Alicia,

You've been on my mind all day today. I think it started when I rolled out of bed and saw my tube of red lipstick. Do you remember when we shared your red lipstick once and certain people thought we were weird? I think they are weird. Who has a best friend that they don't share lipstick with? You're not a real friend if you can't share your lip color, that's what I say.

Anyway, I decided to live loud and proud today and wear my red lipstick (well the actual name is lip "butter", but you know it works the same, just shinier) all day. In honor of you, of course, because I like you and I want to be your friend always.

I think I look awesome with bed head and red lipstick. What do you think?

Don't ever share this picture with anyone. They may get scared and think your friends are strange.

I look a little better if I smile.

But not great since it is 7 am and my Ambien may still be in my system. Did I tell you I take Ambien? Ya, I know, may be addicting. I hear it from EVERYONE. Who cares really. It's better than killing someone from lack of deep rem sleep. Is that how you abbreviate rem?

I had to apply more lipstick by the time I had my coffee and sat to have my morning meditations. (That's another word for being really spiritual). It's the butter part, I think. It kind of just slips off my lips... like butter. Ok, I know you are laughing out loud right now. But, I guess I had enough on to make my mark this morning. Whew! Kind of reminds me of old ladies.

I spent a long time planning my day today and being spiritual. It was cloudy and I felt a bit melancholy...well until I remembered I was having a happy day because I had on my red lip butter. It changes everything. It made me so happy that I decided to put on my walking shoes and take a walk. Red lipstick and all. It looks kind of funny to have bright red lips and absolutely no other make up on so I decided to wear my sunglasses, even though it was not sunny. But, I was sunny in my heart with really pretty lips, shining like...well like butter. OMG, I just crack myself up!

I made sure to say good-bye to Sammy before I went for my walk on a cloudy day with red lipstick on (hey, I think that could be the title of a movie). Sammy was a little weirded out by the taste of lip butter. I am a little weirded out that Sammy tasted my lip butter. Dogs are weird. I think maybe I am weird because I like Sammy. 

After my walk, I decided to get a move on for the day and make my bed. And darn it anyway, Alicia,somehow, of all days, when I picked up my pillow, it slipped and HIT MY LIPS! Now I have red lipstick on my new pillow case. 

I'll check in with Heloise tomorrow and get some tips on how to remove that stain.

I opened all my curtains and then decided to get dressed. That was dumb. Don't need the whole neighborhood watching me get dressed. It's bad enough that I have to see myself get dressed. So I decided to dress in my closet. Well, it's not very big and my arms were kind of crammed. I was putting on one of those bras that you pull over your head and you'll never guess what happened? Yep. That darn lipstick again. Smack dab on the inside of my bra. Please don't ever tell anyone I told you this. I hate sports bras...the whole getting it on and then off..just annoying. And now I know, never put your lipstick on before putting your sports bra on if you are dressing in the closet because this is what it will look like if you do. 

EEwww! I don't really like that picture. I doubt you do either. We think too much alike, you and me. I already know what is going on in your head. But I won't tell anyone.

Hey, did I tell you I did a bedroom makeover? When you look at these pictures, you will understand why I was dressing in the closet. Next time, I should get dressed, then open my curtains.

If you look real close, you can see my lipstick laying there. It adds a nice touch to the ambiance of the room, don't you think?

I had a doctor's appointment today at 3. I was rushing around trying to get ready, (due to the fact that I always wait until I absolutely have to shower, to shower), that by the time I got to the waiting room, I was having a major hot flash. Red lip butter and hot flashes do not go well together. Can you tell I am a little stressed here?

Christiana was with me because she was having ear pain. I had her snap this photo so you could see my pretty lips. But, they weren't so pretty anymore. Hot flashes are for the birds and old people and I am neither. I think my brain forgot to tell my hormones that though.

When I got home, Christiana's new, very nice friend was here. I wanted to see what it would look like if I kissed someone on the cheek with red lip butter on so I used him as my Guinea pig. Not sure where these glasses came from but I thought they may add a nice touch. I think I may have surprised him just a bit. He looks a little scared. 

Christiana's friend is a great in lots of ways and he is a great dancer. He actually has quite the hip action going on.I only know because he and Christiana were a couple of dancing fools in our living room one night. Oh.. and speaking of hip action, have you seen Derek Hough on DWTS? Hot as my red lipstick is all I have to say. His hip action melts my lip butter!

Well, I better wrap this letter up. Here's one last picture for you. I am headed over to a friends house to eat supper and watch some hip action...on DWTS that is... just to be clear. Didn't want you to get any wrong ideas there girly. Christiana was bored,so she curled my hair. And, I put on my red lipstick one last time. Looks a lot better than bed head.


PS...Just in case you are wondering what inspired this post, it was part of Alicia's Happy Day Project. Go check her blog out.



pearl1961 said...

Hahaha! I know this was to Alicia, but it was dang funny...could relate on so many levels... Love ya...

Dawn said...

She's coming back to life! Hot, happy, and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Good grief you should write a book! I love the lipstick on the coffee cup - reminds me of my mother (one of the old ladies) leaving her mark everywhere! You are leaving your mark too - and not just with lipstick. :)

Alicia said...

lol!!! you got lip butter EVERYWHERE!!! ha!! you should definately get dressed, drink coffee, make your bed FIRST! :) and i think working out with a little red color makes it more bearable. and yes, if i lived there we'd share that lipstick and flip our curled hair at all the haters ;)

Mary said...

dear robin,
i know you are alicia's dear friend, and this letter to her just solidifies that, but...can we be friends, too? {big grin]
because you are really, really great!
i'm sitting alone in my house{kids are outside...YAY!} and laughing hysterically to the point of tears here girly.
i can totally relate to this, except i wasn't even brave enough to WEAR the lipstick last week! LOL!!!
can i borrow yours?

ps...i LOVE your room!