Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Summer..So Long, Farewell, I Hate to Say Good Bye!

It just wasn't long enough.

I am not ready.

My garden is not done growing.

I am not done growing.

And yet the somewhat welcomed, sweet, cool air nights are emerging gently.

I'm not really sure that last sentence even makes sense but it sounds good. And it is true. Summer is coming to a close and Fall is just around the corner. Oh, I love Fall. But I am not quite ready for the Summer to end. I liked it. It has been...well it has been what it has been. And I hate to say good bye.

Maybe it is the good bye I don't like. Right now, good byes are not my friend. Too many and more to come and that just makes me sad. But they will happen anyway and life goes on and it will be what it will be.

So... on that happy note...I am going to shower you with summer blessings....

well really pictures...

as I say my good byes to what now will be just a memory.

Ross turned 23 in June and we celebrated with a few of his friends, our family, food, the Shoemaker Birthday Cake, and games.

I love this boy. Even with his hair in a ponytail.

(Yes...they are all holding hands. He loves his friends.)


Elise is getting married to this guy... just 15 days or so. We had a fun bridal shower with my family in Montana back in July. All the girl cousins were together, along with my sisters, aunts, moms and friends and it was such a sweet time.

We have some baby producing girls in the family right now and as timing would have it, Stephanie, Alysha, Ciana (all pictured above) and Decia, who is married to my nephew, all had babies within three months of each other. Mind you, Stephanie, Alysha and Ciana are all sisters so their mom is a very busy nana.

Here is a picture of all this happiness going on while we were showering Elise with bridal blessings...

Is that just the sweetest thing or what?

And this guy hangs with my other girl a lot. We sort of like him.

I had plenty of these this summer because I love my flowers so much...

Spent lots of time with these two chicas....


Worshipped the One Who Keeps Me Going with friends who love us anyway...

Picked and packed some corn....

And last but not least of the summer blessings...

...ate lots of yummy food.

Cobs of yellow goodness

Breaded and fried zuchinni

Watermelon slushies
(recipe can be found on my Pinterest board)

Lots of grilled burgers...or grilled anything for that matter...

And probably one too many of these...

Studied my Bible, or better known as my Saving Grace and All Things Needed Book of Knowledge, a lot.

Rode bike. Walked. Rode bike. Walked...and rode my bike.

Cried some too.


And then cried some more if I needed.


Life is sweet at times...and bitter...and savory...and sometimes just plain creamy, like that DQ ice cream cone pictured above. It can be bland one minute and way too salty another. Now a feast,tomorrow a famine. is. One season trumps the former and we do life more.

And...well...I'm in it for the duration.





For happy are those who trust in the Lord.
(Psalm 84:12)


Dawn said...

You are a part of something beautiful, something good.

{ j e a n i e RHOADES } said...

LOVE the pictures and yes, that mommy-baby circle is the CUTEST!

"He gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say::Blessed be the Name of the Lord!"

You have seen everything there is to see, almost. And here you are. And God sees it, too and to Him , it is good. Love you!!

Elise said...

Mom, this was a beautiful post. Just like you. Just like summer. Just like our lives. Because we're beautiful in the Lord, and all that is around us. I love you! Thanks for who you are, and being a GREAT example in my life!

pearl1961 said...

LOVED this, Robin-thanks for sharing the day and drawing us into it with you! You are a great writer!

pearl1961 said...

AND...I may as well admit...I read it and cried! :)