Thursday, September 15, 2011

Showers and Smokin'

Alicia, my Mad Men "I LOVE Don Draper" creative friend,
who thinks in themes when throwing a party,
did just that this past Sunday when she showered Elise with some bridal blessings.

It all added to the fun that we had just been to the movie, The Help, just a few days prior. It gave us even more gumption. gave me more gumption.

It was just something about all the red nail polish and cigarettes.

Did every lady in the 60's paint their nails red and smoke?

Honestly, there was just some sort of connection with me to those ladies in that movie. I didn't like the one's who treated their help in such disrespect, but I did love the whole lifestyle.

Hair, makeup, clothes, bridge club....and the smoking. Yeah, I know. Me. I have never even held a cigarette before. No kidding.

We had no smoking signs in our house growing up.
(Yes...I am not kidding).

I hate the smell of someone smoking.

It gives you cancer for Pete's sake.

But, for just a moment in time, it seemed romantic.Cool.

And I got taken away in the moment...

for just a moment.

But it was all pretend. We were at a theme party all dressed up like those women in the 60's. Alicia had the backyard looking awesome and she also just happened to have a piece of chalk laying on the bench when I arrived. I couldn't help myself. I fell into the role.

We had some laughs, drank coffee out of old china cups, and had some nummy cupcakes.

We fashioned some wedding dresses on these dress forms.

And watched Elise open her gifts.

It was a sweet evening.

Everyone, including out little Sophie girl, seemed to have fun.

It was fun to share the fun with my girls.

And it was fun, for just a moment, to do something so out of character for me.


just for the record...

I have given up smokin'.

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Jeanie said...

What a pretty shower! With my beautiful familia. I think you were having abanoned fun for the celebration for Elise. That is a GOOD thing! Pretty, too! Good job, Alicia!