Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Cure For What Ails Me

I have a sickness that I am not sure has a name or other's will understand.

Here is the main symptom:

Whenever I am leaving on a trip or have a big project looming over me, I cannot focus until my house is in order.

For example, my daughter's wedding is just,ummmmm, less than 6 weeks away, we have a million and one projects to craft for the wedding...and I decide that my office/craft room needs cleaned out and put in order -- Everything!

So I spent the last four days going through every nook and cranny, drawer and shelf, making sure each area was efficiently being used and no unneeded clutter was cluttering.

For the heck of it, I will show you a few pictures so you can see a couple of great things I found to help "put everything in it's place."

Learned this trick from my mama...use checkbook boxes, tops and bottoms as drawer dividers. Perfect.

Found these sweet things at Salvation Army for 59 cents. One is for bills, the other for receipts. Handy.

This little space that I am working on has also at one time been Elise's bedroom, Ross' bedroom, guest bedroom, and family TV room. And it is only 9'x12' if even. Now it is functioning as my home office for RE, study place for Bible study writing and learning,computer room, sewing room, craft room, bill writing, and Joe's art supply room for painting, including his large easel and many canvases. 

Every corner is used. Even the stairs to the attic have become "shelves."

 My favorite desk in the whole world and all my books sit in one corner...

...and the other corner has two 6' tables that create a great "L" shaped work space.

With such limited space, you have to be creative with storage. By chance, I walked pass these two things at Walmart and thought they would be great ways to make my space more efficient. They were only around $5 each and are closet organizers for shoes and sweaters but they work wonderful for art supplies and fabric too.

And of course nothing is more handy than clear plastic shoe boxes for keeping all the little things sorted.

These will eventually be put on a shelf that is waiting to be hung...hopefully that will happen tonight. :)

Well, all is better now. I should be able to function just fine with all the wedding details ahead. Something in me just says, "Ahhh you are free now." Literally, my mind could not move on until this was done.

Like I said, it is a sickness I have. 


Alicia said...

i think i have that sickness too! well...i know i do :) look great. might have to try some of your the checkbook boxes. good idea!

Earon said...

I totally agree with Alicia. I think I have it too and that room looks like it's ready for some of that wedding craft action.

J e a n i e R h o a d e s said...

Knowing you, though, it was already neat and organized before you started. Right??? :) I know, sometimes you have to do what feels safe and natural to be able to run fearlessly into the holy wild {weddings!}. You can do it!! You're the most together woman I know!!

J e a n i e R H O A D E S said...

OH!!! Another great drawer organizer is a Velveeta Cheese box. It is neither velvet nor cheese, so please don't tell anyone it is a major component in my decadent 5-cheese homemade mac and cheese recipe. Hehe.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Robin,
Would you like to come over and start on my house next? I also use the Velveeta Cheese boxes at school. We have an abundance there!

The sweater/shoe hanging storage thingies are perfect for fabric. I have three...but they need some serious reorganization. They used to be sorted by color...not so much anymore.

Yours look wonderful. Make a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie