Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To Me

I received the sweetest gift from my husband this year for Valentine's Day. I have to say, Joe is a pretty thoughtful gift giver and this year he really out did himself.

All packaged up in an adorable bag, I first opened this:

Yeah, I know, doesn't look too romantic but, for me, it really was. Joe knows how much I love books and especially biblical study and reference material. But what made this gift even sweeter is that he found them at Sally's (the boutique name for Salvation Army and our favorite Saturday morning hangout). You see, when we visit Sally's together the race is on to the book section because we both like the same kind of books and whoever gets there first gets the treasure. (Going to Sally's is all about the hunt for treasure.) I knew as soon as I saw them that he had found a treasure and instead of storing them on his book shelf, he gave them to me.

Then, I opened another very small package, wrapped very neatly and in it was this:

Yes, I know, again you are thinking, "He bought you a green chile pepper?" But, this too has so much thought behind it. 

When I was growing up, my mother bought and saved all kinds of different charms for all four of us girls. She would give them to us to mark special occasions or from places we had vacationed. When we turned 13, she had all the charms that had been collected for us put on a bracelet. I have since collected many for myself and love my charm bracelet. So when I saw this green chile charm, and realized he had strategically given me this gift with a poem he had written, I loved it even more. 

Here is the poem he had tucked in my card:

Love is a treasure, we seek till we find
It thrills us and fills us and makes us go blind
Blind to the faults and failures for sure
Of the one we are after, oh, there is no cure.

Just like the others I went on a search
Up hill and down hill, in the world and the church
Many an option I found on my way
But nothing so wonderful as to brighten my day

Then one day I saw you, by the fountain at college
Your brown hair and brown eyes made me want to gain knowledge
Knowledge of your name and your kiss and your touch
I quick snapped a picture that I've looked at so much

I asked you to marry but you said no
So I asked you again and you decided to show
To show up in my world everyday as my wife
I love you, I love you - you're the spice in my life!

Did I tell you that we have been married 25 years? If someone had told me we would love like this now at year 8, I would have told them they were crazy. But time and memories, ups and downs, laughs and cries have made our love strong. 25 years strong and I wouldn't trade it for all the world.  Thank you Joe. I love you with all my heart.

(Here is a picture of my charm bracelet soon to be adorned with a very spicy chile.)


Jeanie said...

He told me what he was giving you and I thought he did well, too. I am glad you really loved it!

Elise said...

Way to go dad :) It made me cry. haha

Dawn said...

We are all blessed by your surviving, loving, fruitful, spicy marriage!

Anonymous said... weren't supposed to tell! But I'll still love you and be your husband! You really are the spice in my life, the song says; "touch me, turn me on and burn me down! :0P Love, Joe