Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time with Beth - Point 1

For the next eight days, I will elaborate on what we learned while at the SMT Celebration with Beth Moore. She taught from Psalm 119 and created a long, 8 part sentence that describes life for so many of us sojourners in Christ. I will state the sentence part and then share some thoughts from my notes and my experience.

"I'm a resident alien..." Ps. 119:19

Verse 19 starts off by saying, "I am a stranger on earth." 1 Peter 2:11 calls us as Christians "aliens and strangers." Beth's point: This is not our real home and a lot of our unsettled feelings are because we are strangers here. My thought: Sometimes as Christians, we just look strange to people. We aren't only strangers, we are strange. Our life's call is not to be conformed to this world but instead be transformed by the renewing of our mind. (Romans 12:2) The way we seek answers and live our lives may be very peculiar to some who do not understand the Christian life. Not that we should seek out being so different and strange that we cannot function in normal society but that our ways may not always look normal to the outsider. And we have to be ok with that. Strangers and aliens.

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Jeanie said...

This point is exactly why I find the militant right-wing conservative political viewpoint so disturbing. I fear people cannot even see how temporal this all is-they don't get we are of a different kingdom and rule altogether! That actually makes me very happy.