Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a little vacation - Vacation Post #1

That's me in the second window in what is officially known as the exit row. (If you say that out loud, you should lower your voice when you say, "exit row." It is serious stuff.) When I confirmed my ticket today, I had a big red warning come up on my screen checking and double checking and then making me check a box stating that I am fully capable of handling the responsibilities of the emergency escape. I haven't flown for at least 10 years but I proudly and without fear marked the box declaring that I, Robin Moslander, could lift a 65 pound door, throw it somewhere (I am assuming out the plane), and follow all given instructions to help everyone exit safely. That will be no prob-lem-O. I am the rule follower of all rule followers. I even set the timer when I cook my pasta.  Oh...and I must speak English. Most of the time I do. Sometimes, people do not understand me but it is usually because they are not listening or something has gotten a little heated not because I am speaking something other than English. I really don't know any other language except Pig Latin which will definatley be too hard to do while I am throwing out the 65 pound door, following rules, and saving lives.

But, the real reason I chose the exit row? Someone told me there is more leg room. And so, for the sake of my legs, I am willing to be the one to handle any emergency, that involves exiting the plane anyway, with great diligence and authority -  two other qualities I do not struggle in having. I am diligent. I can be authoritative. And darn it! To be the person I really want to be, I can't keep being that way. But...if I wasn't I could not be kind to my legs OR help save lives if I am called upon. So....I am glad today that I am who I am in spite of all that I do to try not to be. If we were all the other kind of people that are not the "take charge" kind, no one would sit in the exit row. Then upon the need for an emergency exit, we would all die. Thank goodness for "take charge" kind of people. I think I may be liking myself just a little more now.

My final destination is Houston, Tx. I don't love Houston. Sorry. I lived there for six months and the bars on my windows and gate around my front door never really went with my love for the sweet and quaint cottage look. The weather about killed me. And driving made me cry. Seriously. BUT... I do love Beth Moore and that is why I am heading to vacation in a place I don't really like. January 1, 2009, I joined a couple of thousand women on the Living Proof Blog, along with Beth, (She doesn't mind if I call her by her first name. We've been through a lot together. She just doesn't know it.) to committ to memorizing 2 Scriptures a month for the year. That would make 24 total, just in case you are tired. After several months, Beth announced that she would be having a special Living Proof Live conference at her home church in Houston for those who finished out the year meeting these requirements: You have to have posted 20 out of 24 Scriptures on her blog, they all have to be in a spiral notebook which is your ticket in, and you have to be able to say at least ten of them out loud to someone. I never dreamed this would be a reality but with a little help from friends, it is now a dream coming true.

I have actually said all 24 verses out loud to a friend of mine several times now. And, I even laid in bed one morning and said all 24 verses to Joe without even having my spiral with me. It really doesn't count though because Joe was sleeping through most of it. It was one of those moments when he thought I spoke something other than English.That's what happens when you try quoting Scripture at 6 am to your sleeping husband.

Anyway...I am very excited to go. It has meant a lot to me to do this. I am not sure how you write something like this without seeming like you are puffing yourself up, which is not my intent at all, but it has been a good year in this area. I love knowing these Scriptures by heart because they are Scriptures I need to live. I picked every one for a particular need or situation in my life. And they are life indeed.

And if by chance, I have to help save lives, at least my heart will be full.


Anonymous said...

Just a little vacation maybe, but one well deserved. Wish I were there.


Jeanie said...

Oh, the real Robin emerges, saving her best self for this blog post! You are warm and witty and girlishly exuberant and it is hilarious and joyful. Well-written! Exciting. So wish I could just have hung around you during this!