Monday, August 17, 2009

I Love Gifts!

Today I received the prettiest gift from a client, whose house we closed on on Friday. She was such a sweet client. The kind you want to still be friends with even though your closest association with her has been house hunting. She sent me a bouquet of flowers that are so cute but, it wasn't the flowers that made it so cute. It was what the flowers were in. You see, she owns The Lamport House ( and her business is china painting. She and her mom own a historic house in Hecla, about an hour from here, and use it for their business. My flowers container was a beautifully hand painted, by Kara, tea cup and saucer. I cannot believe people can actually hand paint so beautifully. She has even painted a tea pot for Oprah before (check out her website for that story). I love it so much. Once the flowers die, I will be able to enjoy my morning tea in this dainty little cup.

This gift today made me realize how important it is to give gifts to those we appreciate and love. Her gift to me was a true gift of appreciation for a service I gave her. I was really just doing my job, but she felt like letting me know that she appreciated me. For that, I am grateful.


Jeanie said...

The Victorians had a saying the needlepointed on to pillows: Love the Giver. The idea was that when some one gives a gift, they are giving a piece of their heart and soul to the recipient and hope it will be received with the love with which it was given and the love will be returned.

I am not very good at gifting (I don't think it is my love language), but how wonderful it is when some one divines just exactly the right gift and it takes your breath away.

Kelly said...

So beautiful and thoughtful 8)

MAMA-MIA said...

I love it Robin! That is such a great idea! I love gifts too. always a warm fuzzy when I get them :) Giving is always fun too...only if I get the right reaction!!!