Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday fun

This is Christiana and Andy. They were our guests for our Friday night dinner and a movie. I grilled steaks that turned out almost perfect. We set up a small table for them to eat on since we only have two tv trays. You see, any more these days, Joe and I eat a lot of our meals in front of the tv. Don't tsk! tsk! You may be there some day yourself. What made tonight so special is that we had guests to join us in front of the tv. I know. Double tsk. But, it was fun. We watched Ghost Town which is a great movie, except for the few language blurps. We laughed a lot and rolled off the couch when we were done from sitting so long. Needless to say, couch potato fits quite nicely.


Donna said...

Hey Robin! Your blog looks great. I'm glad you got the shabby blog touches to work.

Jeanie said...

Tonight we will dine with Elise...for the final time...sniff sniff