Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not again....

Where has all this snow come from? I had no idea when I went to bed last night that I would wake up to 12" (maybe a slight exagerration, but you know...) of snow. I must have not watched the news at all yesterday.

So, much to my surprise, today is a snow day, as the school calls them. I think this is about the 5th or 6th one this year. Here in the good ole' plains state of SD, when it snows and the wind blows, it looks like your the stationary decoration in the middle of a shaken snow globe. With rural bus routes still in existence here, our snow days are largely determined by the ability to retrieve or return these rural children to their country settings. "Back in the day" as Elise would say, they actually assigned host families in the city, for the rurals, just in case they couldn't get them home. Oh how times have changed.

The one thing I love about snow days is it feels like a free day. Everything, for the most part, shuts down. No appointments, no work (well for me anyway), no driving, no shopping for food, no pressure, no visitors, no running to school to bring forgotten items. It is like a forced Sabbath whether you need one or not. Yeah!

Hopefully, I have the ingredients for some good old fashioned comfort food because that is what you really do on a snow day. Eat.
(The picture is taken from my front porch this morning.)

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Jeanie said...

Wow! Well, we haven't gotten our snow yet. It will probably be in May when you are enjoying a gorgeous spring. :)