Monday, January 19, 2009

I am completely Lost!


Just wanted to let you know, we completed the task of watching all DVD's in time to see the Season 5 opener. I nearly lost my mind. I cannot handle watching TV with the commercials. I didn't even enjoy the show because I was going insane, twidling my thumbs, through the commercials. So annoying and such a time waster. I think I may have to opt for waiting for the DVD's to be released or really give serious consideration to the whole DVR thing.

By the way....If Jack's beard is not confirmation that facial hair can make a good looking guy not so good looking any more, I don't know what is. What were they thinking?


I just finished reading my sister-in- law's post about her obsession with American Idol. Four weeks ago, I would have never related to being obsessed with anything that came from a tv. But oh, how things have changed.

When I was young, we were allowed to watch one HALF hour of television a day. I chose "I Dream of Jeanie" everyday except Tuesday when I would watch "Happy Days." By my high school years, I hardly ever watched TV. We crafted, sewed, baked and did anything other than sit in front of the "boob tube" as it was commonly referrred to in my home. Seriously, when I met Joe in college, I did not know who John Wayne or Perry Mason were. Nor did I care.

What is strange to me is that out of all four of us girls, who were raised all in the same house, we do have one sister who loves tv. And all of this is her fault.

Upon the recommendation from my sister, Christine, and the insistence that I would not be disappointed, I sat down one evening during the Christmas break and started watching Season 1 of Lost. I need you to understand something. I NEVER watch TV. I hate sitting that long staring at it. It makes me feel lazy. And I really hate thinking about the word boob tube. But, low and behold, since that first day of watching Lost, I have become addicted.

Last night, I spent birthday money I don't even have yet, purchasing Season 4. I couldn't take it any more. We looked for it to borrow from everyone we could think of, I called Blockbuster every hour to see if the other Lost addict in town whom I have been competeing with had returned Disk 1 of season 4, and then I just broke down and bought it. Why? Because, Season 5 starts Wednesday and I am going to be ready. I would never make it until next Fall to watch the released Season 5 on DVD. No, not never!

I added up the hours of time I have spent watching Lost in the past 3 weeks. I am pretty sure it adds up to more hours than all the hours I have watched TV in the past 20 years. I may even be able to add movies into that equation (Ask my kids....I usually fall asleep at the theatre).

I think I may even call my cable provider and ask about DVR. I really don't know if that is even the person I call since I only learned about DVR two weeks ago from all people, my mother! I so don't pay attention to details when it comes to the boob tube. We don't even have a remote for our DVD/VCR player. We have to get down on our hands and knees, put on our bifocals and press the play button every time. No, I am not kidding.

How in the world Joe and I are going to finish Season 4 before Wednesday is beyond me. Because, even though I am all into this and want to watch it, there is still a part of me, a very large part, that is chiding myself for allowing this to happen. But happened it has and so I must find time.

Gotta run! Joe is coming home for lunch and he said we could watch an episode or two. I guess my Monday cleaning will have to wait until after lunch. Darn!


Jeanie said...


My whole fam is into LOST! and like you, Rocky and Jovan have just been catching up. They are almost through season 4 and will watch the season opener that we DVRed the other day!

So, basically-you're not visual, generally-speaking. People who are visual love a story they can see. I love AI because I am visual AND I love singing/music/judging people (which it is better to just admit, t-hee).

I quit watching LOST! because I AM so know the episode where the two people got bit by those poisenous spiders and were being buried when it was revealed they were actually still alive and only paralyzed...but they were still buried - ALIVE!!???!!!

I went to bed and dreamed that scenario all night long INCLUDING seeing my children being buried alive under a house.

That was it for me, folks. But still, I go upstairs while everyone else is watching and I can hear the stressful bass line and drum pounding and it still stresses me out! Ha!

TV got Robin - the end is near!

Dave said...

I completely understand.
Yes, some shows you can jump into the middle of and it's not that big of a deal but LOST...
Well, you would be, LOST!
One of the best shows that they have come with in recent years. I love a good story, intricate characters and great plot twists. And since they say that there will only be 6 seasons, smart, at least we won't have a bunch of remakes like we did with the Globe Trotters getting shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island or breaking out of Prison only to be thrown back into another Mexican prison!
Don't even get me started on Prison Break!
Yes, we are all hooked on LOST.

Dave said...

That's also why you should Tvo everything. What did we do before we had the satellite setup to record live programming? I guess we used VCRs! Anyway, now I can watch American Idol, both episodes of LOST and Lie To Me on my time. On my turf. I'm not subject to all those corporate money grubbers bombarding me with their tripe! No I can fast forward through all of their dribble!
And time is of no issue...
Sort of like this season of LOST...