Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election...it is finally here!

I am so ready for this election to be over. I do not think I can take one more day of blabbering on and on from TV commentators and the politicians themselves. But, I do think this day holds a lot for the nation, particularly those who desire our nation to stay the course of godliness a bit longer.

I felt God leading me yesterday to petition Him, concerning this election, for the sake of our children's children. Nothing is too hard for God. He can turn upside down anything He wants. No amount of polling is more powerful than Him. His arm is not too short. He is mighty to save our land.

I am not ready to casually let this nation be ran by a man who finds abortion ok and gay marriage acceptable. We are so easily deceived and our hearts so deceptive that we must stand true and follow the only unmovable, unshakable guide in life, the Word of God- not our pocketbooks.

Praying is my focus today. God will respond to His children's cry. But we must cry out to him. It doesn't just happen by thinking good thoughts. Cry out to the Lord and He will hear you.

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Jeanie said...

Sooooo true! I am praying my head off today!