Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, holding to my promise, I am here to blog. It has been such a crazy day!

I am in a bit of a high function mode at the moment because I am getting down to the wire for Women in the Word on Saturday. I have a lot of preparation to do still and after today, am beginning to stress a little about being ready.

Corbin is still at home recovering from his tonsilectomy which, as much as I love caring for him, has put a bit of a time crunch on me. He is sweet and not at all demanding, but there is always one more thing needed. On top of that, I crunched my knee into my screen door a few weeks ago and it is wanting to let me know how upsetting that was to it, on an hourly basis. But the real kicker today was in the kitchen.

I headed downstairs to do a check in on the Corbs, went to the kitchen to fetch some ibuprofen for the knee and didn't get out of there for a solid hour. Turning to leave the kitchen, a huge (well maybe not huge but big enough) puddle of purple juice was running out of my refrigerator and covering my floor. It was the pomegrante juice...I knew it even before I opened the fridge door.

Sure enough, the bottle of pomegrante juice was laying on it's side, spilling a drink offering that no one was receiving. There was no ignoring this for later. I just had to accept that I was going to lose some study time to clean up.

Remember my knee problem...well it was quite a sight to see me bend over to wipe the fridge out without bending my knee. Does Gumby ring a bell?

I learned two very positive things from this though. One, pomegrante juice is not sticky at all which must mean it is lower in sugar than other fruit juice and two, I really do love my newest, most favorite of all times cleaning product - the Swiffer Wet Jet. In a jiffy my floor was clean and no one would ever know that a gallon of dark purple juice had laid there. Awesome!

Oh...but it doesn't end there. No. No I can't just go to my office and study. I needed one more thing yet to do. And so I did.

I took Corbin in for an IV of fluids. The poor thing. He hasn't swallowed hardly anything since last Thursday and last night after trying to take two pain pills, he puked four times. It is bad enough to puke in any condition, but I can't think of a worse way to puke than to have a raw, very sore throat. It's the worse. Unless you are dying...never remove your tonsils. Just kidding. Please do as your doctor instructs you lest I become responsible for a bad decision on your part.

On the upside of things...the IV of fluids helped a lot and Corbin ate two McDonald's cheeseburgers for dinner. That is his first solid food for almost a week. It is amazing what running water through your veins will do.

Now I must get on with my stuff. Lots and lots to do. Need lots and lots of prayer.

One more thing...why, oh why, do I eat McDonalds when Culvers is so much better? I think I'm feeling a song coming on....


tarapowers said...

Awwww. Tell Corbin we are thinking of him. Sounds miserable! YOu will do great this weekend! It's the Word..it DOES NOT return VOID!

Jeanie said...

I am sure there is an illustration in that "drink offering" being poured out that you can use this weekend!?!