Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm here...finally. I just ran downstairs and told Joe that I am full of knowledge, up to here, as I held my hand about a foot above my head. Now if God will just grace me with His presence and take that knowledge and add His spirit, I will forever be grateful.

It has been a true feast, feasting on the Word about the Feasts of the Lord. There is so much to learn. God's Word is a masterpiece and I can't get enough.

Well, my week of blogging has been completed. I have to say, I have enjoyed rambling on about pretty much nothing. Hopefully, I will be renewed in my effort to blog. However, the next few days, I am sure I will not be blogging much.

Tomorrow I have a ton to finish for Women in the Word and Saturday, after Women in the Word, we will be driving to Sioux Falls to watch Christiana in the All State Choir (she was so excited she made it), then we are staying the night to do some shopping the next day.

Pray for me. I am counting on God to be with us at Women in the Word. Without His presence, all this effort would be completely worthless.

See you Monday.


Jeanie said...
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Jeanie said...

He does that. He shows up. Why? because you asked Him to. It's a date, a Father-Daughter date. He is faithful, so faithful.

Sooooooo wish I could be there! Much love, J