Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is in the air

Tomorrow is one of my all time favorite holidays- Valentine's Day. When I was a child from as young as I can remember, Valentine's Day consisted of dinner at Lydia's and a box of pan candy from Shepherd's Candies. Lydia's was one of those restaurants that you had to know how to act and eat just right. It was fancy and the food was delicious. We ate lobster, broiled, most of the time. Shepherd's candy was an assortment of all kinds of the best candy ever made right there in my home town of Butte, Mt. Caramels, chocolates, peppermint thingies, almond was all my favorite except the flat butterscotch tasting things. I didn't like those. Every year my dad took his four girls, his little princesses out for Valentine's Day and we dined with our king. Special we were and special we felt. People made comments about Joe's four beautiful daughters. He'd puff with pride and we'd discuss whether we had our napkins on our laps and our elbows off the table. Those were tough lessons when you were only seven. Thanks to the many years at Lydia's, at least I know which fork to eat my salad with.

When my first born daughter, Elise, was only 18 months old, I was baking and decorating heart shaped cookies with her. She really did not know what we were doing but we had a lot of fun. Well, maybe I had a lot of fun. She mainly needed a bath. Of course, I had to do this because my mom did this. My mom was the kind of mom that made every holiday special. I don't exactly remember specifics about Valentine's Day, but I do remember unpacking my lunch on St. Patrick's Day and finding a sandwich with green mayonaise. She always did fun things for us. So much of who I am today as a mom came from her very loving ways of mothering us. I count it such a privelage to be the child of Joe and Wilma, mom and dad, my heritage. Maybe, that is why the day we celebrate love is one of my favorites. They loved us so well.

Then came the day that changed Valentine's Day forever. Cupid's arrow struck and Joe pierced my heart. Married for 23 and 1/2 years, he is the love of my life. Sweet love is what he is. Gentle and kind and good. In spite of some very rocky times in our marriage, we have always loved each other well. I can still remember the exact spot Joe first kissed me. I still had braces. His "coolness" (as in so.... cool) made me shiver. Even today he makes me shiver. I love him for all that he is and all that he is not. For all you young one's out gets better with time. I can't wait to share love with Joe for the next 23 and 1/2 years. It will be good.

None of the love expressed in the words above would be possible without the great Eternal Lover of my soul. Jesus means everything to me. He makes loving possible. He makes loving possible when it seems impossible. He loves. He is love. I love because He first loved me and taught me to love. Thank you for all the love, Lord.

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone. Always love with your whole heart.



Anonymous said...

Hey Robin...Your blog is so festive looking for Valentine's day! I'm so glad you sent me a message so I can bookmark and check in on your words of wisdom. Got to get it somehow now that you are not doing bible studies with me. Great pic of you and Joe! I hope you can stick with blogging.

eliserachelle said...

Mom, you have shown ME a great deal of love; thank you for that! I love you so much! Happy Valentines Day!

Jeanie said...

I LOVE this picture!! What a beautiful couple. What loving words. What hope for the future! Robin-you are an awesome writer!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Love Merla